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Instant Web Tools is a full-service web development company that focuses on providing digital tools to help your business or organization thrive.  At the same time, we are also here to make a difference in the lives of people around us.  At IWT, we have a heart to give back by helping children in the Philippines through feeding programs, sending them to school, and equipping them with leadership skills to make a difference in their world.  When you choose Instant Web Tools,  you also help make an impact.

Start Up Businesses/

What an exciting time it is when you launch your business or organization. It can also be a very BUSY time! IWT can help simplify the process of building an online presence through logo design and providing a professional and mobile responsive site.  Then we can provide monthly hosting, support, and security all from our own server to help keep your site protected and reduce problems that can arise from 3rd party owned servers.

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Website Design

Existing Businesses/

So you’re already an established business or organization? Maybe you even have a website already. How can IWT help? Websites are often times the face of a company and we want to make sure people see your best side! For those who are already established, IWT will review current websites, graphics, and analytics and create a plan for how we can help strengthen what people see and bring a fresh look to your existing online presence.

Digital Agencies

At first glance, it might seem like what IWT offers is a competition, but over the years, as we have worked with Digital Agencies, we know they often have an intense work load. IWT will work with your company to help take some of the design load off of already overcrowded plates at a reasonable rate and an efficient pace. Our team of designers allows us to do multiple projects at once while maintaining quality work and consistent communication. IWT will be white label on these projects.

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Guiding you step by step

The first thing we talk to clients about is where are you at in your creative process? Have you created a logo yet or still working on some concepts? Whether you have it penciled out or whether you need help piecing it together, our team can make sure your logo tells the right story.
Now that you have your logo ready, the next step to getting your concept online is to talk through what you are looking for in your website. 

Now that your site is up and running, you want it to run well! What is web hosting and maintenance?

At IWT, we want to help strengthen what people see about your company and one tool we offer to do that is through our monthly social media design.

So you have a website and social media platforms, but what is next? You want to be able to see how your online presence is performing.

Does your website cause you stress? Is your site down? Has malware affected your files? Do you need help troubleshooting? Instant Web Tools can help with that.

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