Social Media

Instant Web Tools

At IWT, we want to help strengthen what people see about your company and one tool we offer to do that is through our monthly social media design.

Social media is an important tool of your business marketing plan and can often be the first impression of your company. These platforms not only help you to reach your customers, but they also help you to engage with them.

We can help your business create social media designs at frequent times throughout the month and help you gain initial followers and likes through optimization. Then, our team can post those designs across all your different social media platforms. Oftentimes, our clients want to provide content or a theme for the month and that is fine, or if you want us to be a little more hands on, we can offer suggestions. After posting, we can provide analytic tracking to let you know what posts people are responding to.

For those of you who desire to have monthly newsletters emailed out, we can also attach the same content from social media to your email lists including those you’ve collected through your website. This will target a group of people who may not see your posts on social media.